Friday, May 25, 2012

Random Shenanigans

This is turning out to be my weekly post to tell you what kind of random shenanigans this part time book blogger can get into.

  • This week I admitted my Dirty Little Secret is a hero who can rock the jeans and has tattoos.  If you didn't know this about me, you do now.  I have a tattoo addiction: getting them and hot people with them.  Not just guys. ;)  I'm an equal opportunity person when it comes to beauty. 

But I digress.  Mateus Verdelho does that to me. ;)

  • I finished reading A Fall of Water by Elizabeth Hunter.  It was fantastic, 5 stars all the way!  I will be posting my review for it June 8th.  But now I have to prepare interview questions for Elizabeth  for part of the A Fall of Water Blog Tour.  Please check back early June!  

  • I sent out an email interview to Karina Halle, author of the Experiment in Terror series.  This series has quickly become a favorite and I'm excited to see her answers and post them for you lovely readers.  Hopefully it will be followed by a Dex and Perry outtake.

  • I am currently reading Married with Zombies.  So far it's a fun read.  The lead couple are having marital troubles and on their way to counseling when the zombie apocalypse happens.  This is one of the many books I received for winning the Zombiefest Giveaway and I finally get a chance to read them!  Who doesn't like a good zombie story? :)  But reading this made me think of the photos I took from last years Zombie Walk during San Diego Comic Con.  I captured some great ones!

Seriously?  Look at what his shirt says! LOLOL.  He was awesome.

This baby was so awesome.  She was holding out the brain all cute as can be. 

You can't have zombies or the walking dead without Ash!

  • My music choice for the day?  Tricky - Black Steel.  This song came out in 1995 on their album Maxinquaye and is an awesome cover of Public Enemy's song Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos.  

Well, that wraps up this week!  Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness! Sweet little baby zombie is too freakin' cute!! We made a trip to Comic Con in 2010 and I remember seeing the zombie walk from across the street. We weren't close enough to get any cool pics like these ;-)

    And Mateus Verdelho is smoking hot! Yum. Going to google some more pics of him =)

  2. Ima sucker for a hottie in tats and that Mateus guy is smokin'! Loving the random shenanigans idea...ur awesome girly! I know Iv said this before but Im ecstatic that ur feeling the Dex n Perry love! Cant wait 2 see what Karina has to say :)

    1. Yeah Mateus is delicious.
      Thanks! I like doing the random shenanigans post.
      I'm totally hooked on Perry and Dex. I'm very excited for Karina's post!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog!! I love my button on your blog. I'm going to have Mariya add your button as well as Samina's when she gets a chance on my blog roll. These zombies especially the baby is so cute!! Happy Memorial Day!!! <3


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