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Dex-Files Blog Tour ~ My Interview with Maximus

Hey everybody!  I just wanted to say thanks once again to Karina Halle for letting me host this blog tour for her!  I love this series and it has been a pleasure to coordinate this and review it.  I also want to thank all the bloggers who participated!  This was a lot of fun and all these lovely ladies made it really easy for me! Please check out the blog tour main page for links to all the participating bloggers reviews and/or teasers.  

To wrap up the tour, I want to share with you my interview with Maximus.  Yeah, I flirt shamelessly with the big guy.  I have no regrets. ;)  Don't forget to enter for the US/Canada Giveaway at the bottom of the post!  

Dear readers:  I have tried my hand at ghost hunting before, staying in haunted hotel rooms, snapping photos at random in the middle of the night, leaving beef jerkey out in hopes to taunt "the butcher" into action... No such luck.  I feel some people are more sensitive to spirits then others.  I don't appear to be lucky (or unlucky) enough to have the ever loving crap scared out of me like we see happen to Dex and Perry all the time on their show Experiment in Terror.  Yes,  I'm a Shownet junkie.  So what better way to find out more than with an interview with a ghost whisperer by the name of Max featured in the Webisode Red Fox?  He was kind enough to agree to meet with me for coffee so I could ask him some questions.

*Drinking an extra chocolaty iced mocha, plugging away on my laptop, I shadow descends upon the table.  Looking up, then up, then up some more, I push my glasses up my nose and get a view of a ginger Elvis minus the horrible jumpsuit. This one wears plaid*

Hi! My name is Emmy! You must be Max.  It's nice to meet you!

Pleasure to meet you Emmy. Aren't you a pretty little thing. Oh, and it's Maximus if you don't mind.

*Blushes profusely* OK Maximus it is.  So tell me, what is it that you do?  Is ghost whisperer the term you would call yourself?

I reckon that makes the most sense, though I'm forever blaming Jennifer Love Hewitt for ruining that title for me. Actually, I reckon if I had to be more specific, "ghost listener" would be a more appropriate term. I can pick up on the feelings of the dead, their thoughts before they died but so far I haven't been able to communicate with them. Maybe one day. For now, I just lend the dead an ear.

What do you do with the information you learn from the dead?  Do you help the spirits themselves or is it more closure for loved ones?

Generally I pass the information to the spirit's loved ones. They are the ones who usually hire me to do this. They want to know the truth and I give it to them. I guess I can be seen as a guide of sorts. I'm not only helping the ones they left behind but I'm helping the spirits. Many of them are lost and reckless in the darkness and once I can pass on their message, they seem to go. In a way, I guide them toward the light. Pretty cool, huh?

Wow!  That's a pretty special talent you have there!  When did you first notice this gift?

Uh, well let's just say a very long time, darling.

Hmmm... Ok.  Let's backtrack a little if you don't mind.  Though you are proving to be a man of mystery, I'm going to try to get to the bottom of you. You have such a.... strong accent.  Where are you from?


What was your major in college?  Any extra curricular activities?

I majored in Film Theory. My activities? Playing bass. Listening to ghosts. Talking to fine ladies like you.

*Clears throat*  Oh. Oh, ok.  Film Theory, I'm saving that topic for later but now you've sparked my curiosity.  *taking a long look at his clothing and pompadour*  So, do you play a stand up bass?  What kind of music do you play or listen to?

I listen to all kinds of music and believe it or not, I can play all kinds of music too. But I stick to the bass. There's something very raw and...sturdy about it. Real thick sounds. Hit you hard. Wouldn't you say? I don't play the stand-up but that would be fun one day. Maybe if I could find a jamming partner.

Well, there is something desirable about music that you can feel deep down in your bones, that makes you move to a rhythm you feel calls to you.  Are you in the market for a jamming partner?

Sure. What can you play?

Me?  Oh, I've tried my hand at the guitar off and on for about 15 years. It's that dreaded F chord that gets me.  I need to build up my strength in my fingers.  But I love to sing.  Not that I'm good.  Tolerable though.  I'm very theatrical.   If that sounds like something you're interested in, we could jam.

Do you like to be up on stage?  Performing for the masses with all eyes on you?

Don't be so bashful, little lady. I reckon we'd make mighty fine partners. For jamming..amongst other aspects.
I do like to be on stage. I'm not really a performer but I'm such a big fellow that the eyes can't help but come my way. 

*Big smiles*  Hmmm... Maximus, you have so many talents and such a commanding presence. *shrugs*  I'm not usually so bashful.  You have a way with words.  Are you a lyricist as well?

No not at all...I usually leave that to the singer.

Back to Film Theory...  Have you pursued the use of your degree?

Only recently as a matter of fact. It's kind of a hokey way of doing things and not really what I envisioned myself doing after NYU but I just started doing some projects for this website called Shownet. Don't worry if  you haven't heard of them...most people haven't.

*sigh*  I love Shownet!  That's how I got your name.  The Experiment in Terror webisode for Red Fox?  Wow!  That was some seriously crazy stuff.  Well, what little video coverage there actually was for us to see.  OK Mister Evasive, I'm setting myself up for this one but will try anyway.  What kind of projects are you working on?

Actually I had nothing to do with the Red Fox episode. Sure, you can see me in it sometimes and if it wasn't for me, they wouldn't have even filmed it at all but *shrugs* that's life.
Right now I have a few projects up my sleeve. I've been negotiating with Jimmy Kwan, the Shownet CEO, about possibly taking over the Experiment in Terror show since it seems to have died a miserable death, but there's just been talk. That's it.

Don't be so modest!  You should take credit for your connection with Red Fox.

*leans in*  What's all the drama?  Did something happen with the hosts of the show?  They have such great chemistry on screen.  Not that you wouldn't be a great addition. *winks*

I'm not too sure. I don't usually involve myself with other people's problems. *winks back*

Well, we all have our secrets.

Surely a show like that would benefit greatly with a skill like yours since you appeared in Red Fox.  I'm sure many would tune in to see you in action.

I've never had a paranormal experience myself but do know people who have.  How do apparitions appear to you?  Is it like a residual feed that you see that helps you in your line of work?  Can you hear them?

Sort of. I basically see them as they were and hear them as they were. It's like a faded imprint. It doesn't last very long either, so I have to be sharp.

Since you won't indulge in how long you have had this ability, can you at least tell me your experiences on learning to deal with it and how you use that information?

It's just so unique and would frighten me.  Are you bombarded or is it just when you seek them out?

Er...both. I can be bombarded. And I've had to seek people out too.

Well Maximus, I think you've revealed as much as you're willing to so I'll wrap this up.

If you were stuck in the Twilight Zone and had to repeat the same day over and over, what album, book and drink would you have everyday?  Let's throw in one more part, where would you be?

I reckon I'd have an ice cold Coors, a copy of Lestat, Led Zeppelin IV...and where would I be? Would saying "home on the bayou" be cliche? Because that little lady is heaven to me.
I had a swell time with you, Emmy. Thank you.

No, thank you!  It's been a pleasure. And maybe I should give you my number, you know, just in case you want to add anything.  *winks and hands him a business card* Bye Maximus!  *saunters out of the coffee shop*

So what did you think of our favorite douchecanoe?  Pretty evasive if you ask me.  ;) Just what is he hiding??? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Ugh! I have no idea how I truly feel about Max. I'm expecting to become more and more enlightened as the series continues. Thanks for a great interview!

    1. Thanks Andrea!
      He's great for adding new dimensions to the storyline so I'm keeping my opinion open at the moment.

  2. He is so dodgy and evasive. Kept on flirting with you all the time. Alas, his charm didn't work on me and I can see him for the jerk he is.

  3. Haha, great interview! Maximus is such a dodgy character, he gives me the creeps in a way. However, I do have a theory about him that has to do with his red hair and someone in Old Blood!

    1. YES PEGGY! I have that theory too! There are clues if people look for them!

      Can't wait to see how it all plays out!

  4. I LOVE MAXIMUS! Don't quite know why but I do! This was so cool, Emmy! Good job!

    1. Thanks HeatherJay! It was fun going back and forth with Karina for this. LOL. Max is a bad boy.

  5. Personally, not a fan of Maximus...He's bugged me since Red Fox. However, it will be interesting to see how everything plays out with him. Great interview, though Emmy! :)

    1. YES! He's an unknown player at this point and I can't wait to see how he futs in with the theories running through my head!

  6. I'm on the fence with Maximus. There is soooo much more to him than he shares, but it doesn't surprise me. Great job with the interview, if only I felt I could trust him more than I could throw him... and I have no upper body strength... and he's a big guy...

    But now this theory of yours... I feel like I must have missed something! Dagnabbit!

    1. Haha! Yeah, he'd be hard to budge.

      I plan on doing a re-read soon and inserting the Dex-Files in chronological order just to make sure I caught any hidden messages. They are there.


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