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Review ~ The Bloodgate Warrior

The Bloodgate Warrior

(The Maya Bloodgates #2)

By Joely Sue Burkhart

3.5 out of 5 STARS

As the Mayan hero Técun lay dying, a sorceress cast a spell tying her bloodline to him, so that one day he could return and avenge their people...

Following a near-death experience, Cassandra Gonzales is haunted by erotic dreams of a mysterious man. As the dreams intensify, she is compelled to travel to Guatemala in search of him. There she learns that her blood has opened a gate—and she is the only one who can bring the great warrior back from the afterlife.

Once faced with Técun in the flesh, Cassie fears the need he stirs within her. She aches to submit to the pleasure he promises, but first she must learn to trust in him, and in her own desires. Their time for sensual exploration is brief—Técun's killer has escaped, intent on sacrificing Cassie and wreaking havoc on the world. Now, only Cassie's complete and willing surrender to Técun will give him the power to defeat the demon once and for all...

ARC provided by Carina Press
Published: August 6th, 2012

This short story captured my attention from the get go.  The chapters start with diary entries from a journal that have been in Cassie's family for many, many generations.  The family history, the historical locations, the witty banter between Cassie and Natalie, the hot Mayan god in the flesh... All things I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Cassie and her friend Natalie travel to Guatemala.  Ever since her near death experience, Cassie has had erotic dreams that feature a Mayan God named Técun.  Wondering if there's a connection between her dream warrior and her family's past, the journey begins.

After another vivid dream, Cassie starts searching old historical sites in hopes of finding out where Técun died in hopes of  bringing him back.  Once back, sparks fly between the two and we get some pretty steamy  page time.  But of course it's never that easy.  Técun's enemy Alvarado is back as well and he has some sinister plans of his own...

This is book 2 in the series.  I'll admit, I have not read The Bloodgate Guardian but I don't think that affected reading this in any way.  This is exactly what I hope for when reading a shorter story. The developments happen pretty quickly but aren't forced, the plot has a good resolution... This hot, quick read is a great way to spend a few hours.

Favorite Quotes:

"I’d rather be crazy than believe that the gorgeous stranger starring in my increasingly dirty dreams is some reincarnated Mayan hero."

"You want to be afraid."  His voice rolled like approaching thunder, sending chills racing up and down my arms.  "Your pulse pounding in your throat, the hair at the nape of your neck standing on end, your breathing coming fast and hard as though you've been running.  Running from me.  You know I'll run you down, don't you, Cassie?  You'll never be able to escape me once I begin the hunt."

"You're saying that Alvarado is going to be a fucking zombie like that thing last night?" Natalie retorted.  "You're insane.  Cass, don't go down there.  Once was bad enough, but this time there might be zombies!  It's like a bad B-movie and you're the heroine venturing into the basement armed only with a flashlight because you thought you heard a noise.  You know how that cheesy movie's going to end!"


  1. I thought this was a full length novel. Anyway, I passed up on this because of the whole Mayan thing, from experience I get lost with words and names I can't pronounce so I'll just read it through you guys. Thanks for the fab review

    1. Haha! I understand! I love the old civilizations of Latin America so that was a fun tie-in for me. Just don't ask me to say the names out loud. I will butcher them. ;)


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