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Review time! ~ Temptation in a Kilt

Temptation in a Kilt

By Victoria Roberts

3.5 out of 5 STARS

ARC provided by Sourcebooks Casablana
Release date: September 4th, 2012

This hot new series follows a trio of Highland lairds, who are driving King James crazy with their constant clan battles and uproarious way of life. 

Laird Ciaran MacGregor discovers the beautiful, wounded Lady Rosalia Armstrong while journeying to the king's court. Already burdened with the task of maintaining the peace in his lands, Ciaran has very little patience for this headstrong woman. She's as fearsome as the men trying to kill him for his lands, and their verbal sparring leaves him burning for a more intimate relationship. And if Rosalia's not careful, she'll soon discover his prowess...on and off the battlefield.

This historical romance follows the story of Rosalia and Ciaran.  The year is 1603 and we are first introduced to the character at  a Royal Court in England.  We meet two of the three MacGregor brothers.  Laird Ciaran and his brother Aiden.  Away from the highlands for political reasons, Ciaran gets his first glimpse of Rosalia, and not under lighthearted circumstances.

Rosalia is 21, unwed, and attending with her parents.  Her mother is truly a horrible person.  Belittling her in front of people, playing matchmaker for profit instead of love...  Under horrible circumstances, Rosalia leaves to try to make a new life for herself when she is betrothed to a very despicable man.

The journey begins as a chance encounter puts Rosalia in contact with Ciaran.  For being so self conscious, she is still a strong, independent woman and finds it hard to accept the help that is offered her from Ciaran.  But as Laird, he is very honorable and courageous  and doesn't think twice about helping her out.  Soon, we have a budding attraction that moves at slow pace but is more believable for it.  After all, he has her lack of self confidence to work around.
"Stop, Rosalia.  Just cease this now."  Seeing she was not going to relent, he bent closer, placing his lips so close to her ear that he was sure she could feel his breath.  "The only reason I had discomfort was because I saw your bare, creamy bottom in front of my eyes.  Ye are beautiful and ye almost unmanned me, lass."  Ciaran kissed her lightly on her cheek before returning to his blanket.

Delayed on her trip to Glengarry, she is a guest in Glenorchy meeting the third brother, Declan, and Aiden's wife Aisling.  Declan is a rogue who likes to drink and wench around.  He is the youngest brother and lacks discipline.  His story-line is not so unique to read about but he is a great addition to the main cast of characters regardless. 

Aiden and Asiling are a wonderful couple, they are very much in love and just had a baby boy.  Aisling becomes a great friend and confidant to Rosalia.

As their attraction grows, we have some great interactions between the two.  And kilts are involved. ;)
He leaned in close and whispered in her ear.  "Lass, your eyes show me what ye are clearly thinking.  I suggest ye remove your hand from my arm and your eyes from my kilt."

I felt the pace of the book was slow.  A lot does happen as Rosalia's life changes so completely yet it takes a while for the bigger picture to be revealed.  There are a couple of factors that come into play as to what she is running from and who has it in for her.  Cairan also becomes a target as the plot is interwoven.

Overall, I liked the book enough.  I finished it over a two day period but had to force myself near the end just for the lack of action and heat.  There is nothing wrong with the book.  The writing is well done, the use of language seems authentic, the character developments are well planned out...  This is a wonderful romance in the making... just don't expect much sex.

"Ciaran, ye truly saved me."
"Nay, lass, it was ye who saved me."


  1. Hmmm. I hadn't seen this one before or heard of the author. I like the sound of it and don't mind a little less sheet time now and again in my reading :) I think I'll check this one out :) Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Then you'll definitely enjoy this! It is rather romantic. :)


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