Saturday, September 22, 2012

Random Shenanigans ~ True Blood Season 5 recap

Hey everyone!  So I didn't watch any of True Blood while it aired this season but I finally caught up the last 2 days.  I was holed up with a migraine so watching mindless TV sounded good to me!  Whoa marathon!  So this is what I have to say about Tue Blood...

  • The whole damn Lilith thing went way too far.  I don't like fanatics of any sort and this was just over the top.  I'm so happy that even though Eric was stuck with Bill for most of this season, that Eric didn't lose his fucking head!  Ugh.  Viking knows how to keep his cool and play the damn game.  Bill...  I have never been a big Bill fan and this season didn't change anything.  He's a douche.  That's all I can say.  A power hungry douche that changes with the wind.  Eric may be selfish and always watching out for himself, but at least his beliefs don't change at the drop of a hat.  Seriously Bill, do you have any original thoughts?  

  • Poor Terry and Arlene.  The smoke monster/Ifrit was ridiculous.  I'm glad though that he will be normal now, or at least as normal as he can be.  

  • Lafayette was back to his wonderful self this season.  He had a lot of shit to deal with but for the most part I liked his story line.

  • Andy and all the babies.  Damn.  That'll be interesting for next season.  When the fairy was giving birth, man that was obscene!  LOL.  I had to turn the volume down so my neighbors didn't think and kinky shenanigans were taking place.

  • Hoyt.  Bon voyage buddy.  The fang banger look was awful on him.  That was another boring story line.

  • All the fairies and the strip club.  Wow.  Alan Ball yet again going over the top.  Way over the top.  

  • The whole "dragon" thing with Bud Dearborn was ok.  Eh.  Glad that was resolved quickly though and didn't drag...

  • Thank fuck Alcide found his balls at the end!  The first few episodes I was actually looking forward to the were storyline but then Alcide had to wuss out.  So fucking happy he let the alpha out at the end.   About damn time.

  • I think one of my favorite things about this season was the Pam and Eric flashbacks and Pam in general.  She's so bad ass.  She has remained one of the only constants in this show.  Her sarcasm is refreshing.  Her being Tara's maker sure makes Tara a more likable character for me.  I didn't care much for her otherwise but love this new Tara.  

  • I like the Sam and Luna storyline.  I feel Sam finally got a break this season and his part in the show was some of the more entertaining material.  

  • Poor Jessica.  I really like her but I just don't know about Jason.  Poor, sweet, stupid misguided Jason.  He's gone a little crazy now.  I hope Jessica can remain strong next season and not be a lovesick heartbroken puppy.

  • Russel!!!  I was so happy when I first heard that he and Newlin were coming back!  I might have liked it more if it wasn't for the stupid Lilith plot.  Newlin had such potential at the beginning.  It was fucking hilarious when he went to Jason's house then to Jessica's to try to buy Jason.  Well, then his storyline went to shit.

  • Sookie?  Didn't annoy me as much this season as all the previous ones.  Even though this season was really over the top.  So many special effects and ridiculous things happening.

  • Fucking Bill.  For one moment there I was Like "Oh shit!  He's dead!" then nope.  Oh well, at least it's abundantly clear what an ass he is.  

Overall?  I LOVE Eric and Pam.  Still the best characters in the show.  Eric played the game but is still that cold, calculating vampire that I love.  He didn't annoy me this season and that was a plus.  After the way season 4 played out with the whole amnesia thing, I'm glad he's back to his old ways and not head over heels for Sookie.  

His presence is the only reason I watch this show anymore...



  1. Yes! You summarized 99% of my feelings about this season. Thankfully Boardwalk Empire is on now and The Walking Dead will be back soon, so I can forget about TB being a disappointment and just hope the next season is better.

    1. Walking Dead!!! Cannot freaking WAIT for that! American Horror Story is another fave of mine.

    2. I tried finding AHS On Demand so I could catch up and start on the newest season, but it wasn't available. I'll have to try Netflix. I watched season 1 of Grimm and once I was able to get past the somewhat cheesy paranormal effects, it was really good. And it certainly helps that Detective Burkhardt is HOT ;-)

  2. TB lost it's Southern Charm, that's the only thing that tied it to the books it was based on an Ball turned it into this clinical, cold, monstrous thing that turned off a lot of the original fans (book fans). Bill's storyline is ridiculous, how can he be that powerful when he's still a "youngling", I can't believe all those ancient vampires are that dumb! You don't live that long by being stupid. I think I just saw three episodes this season.

    1. Haha! Yes!!! I completely agree. Now it's like watching a train wreck. I can't look away.

      I haven't even been able to keep up with the books either. CH lost me after Dead in the Family. It's too bad! That series got me into reading PNR...


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