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Review ~ Long Shots: Books 1-3 Buy Christine d'Abo

Long Shots: Books 1-3

By Christine d'Abo

4 out of 5 Stars

Welcome to Pulled Long café, where the coffee is hot, and the sex is hotter! Meet your hosts:

Sadie Long has been lusting after her friend Paul for years, and when she visits him at Mavericks, the sex club where he works, she's suddenly fantasizing about being with Paul and his sexy boss Josh—at the same time.

Paige Long can't help but be attracted to gorgeous firefighter Carter, especially once she learns he's a Dom. But can she trust in her own desires and submit to happiness?

Ian Long doesn't want to be the rebound guy for a brokenhearted man—even after a little exhibitionist play with Jeff satisfies desires he didn't even know he had...

ARC provided by Carina Press via Netgalley

What a hot collection of short stories!

Double Shot features Sadie Long.  She's the middle child of the Long siblings and the cook of their coffee shop/catering business.  She's known her friend Paul for 10 years, having first met him when he was dating her best friend.  Ten years is a long time to lust after someone always out of reach.  All that changes when he hires her to cater a special party over at the sex club Maverick's.  She agrees soon after hearing his proposal and meeting the owner of Maverick's, Josh.  With Paul's parting question asking her what her fantasies are, she gets busy getting everything ready and fantasizing about not only Paul, but Josh too.

This is a hot little M/F/M number that involves self discovery and not limiting ones inhibitions.  It was steamy yet had a great plot at the same time.  It had everything I like in an erotica short.  This one rates a B.

A Shot in the Dark features the eldest of the Long siblings Paige.  Jaded from a bad relationship years prior, she's been out of the game and losing herself more and more each day.  She's runs the business end of Long Pulled and feels the strain of long hours and no social life.  While working late one night, a group comes in that is clearly dressed for an evening of fun and excitement at Maverick's.  Towering over the other group is Carter.  Oh, he's smooth.  Seriously smooth.  He's a quiet and intimidating Dom but once he sees her hesitancy, he backs off.  

Soon they meet up and their story unravels.  I liked Paige.  She has had it rough and it's not easy for her to trust.  But she's willing to try in order to heal herself.  Carter is dominant, yes, but sweet and gentle.  The D/s sex scenes were well done and highly creative. ;)  Paige's ex returns on the scene taking this new relationship with Carter to a whole new level.  This one rates an A.

Pulled Long features the youngest sibling, Ian, the coffee connoisseur for Pulled Long.  Having come out of the closet as a teen. he's had nothing but trouble in relationships.  Enter "blue eyes" who has been coming in almost daily for coffee now for about 8 months or so.  They have a definite connection but have kept their flirting to just that, flirting for fun.  But all of that stops when Ian learns that Jeff was married.   It's hard for Ian to get passed that.  He's had his experiences before with men questioning their own sexuality and wants no part of it.  But at midnight one night, Ian sees Jeff across the street in the rain and lets him in.

Things move at a great pace from there.  Jeff and Ian are hot together.  They have great chemistry and a voyeuristic side that comes out when they visit Maverick's one night.  Soon we find it's not Jeff that has issues that he needs to get passed.  He wants to be out in the open.  He's not trying to hide anything anymore and really likes Ian.  It's Ian that has personal demons that he has to get passed.  This was a great story of self discovery and letting love prevail.

Overall:  This short story bundle is great!  As far as erotica goes, it covers many different areas of kink.  We have M/F/M, D/s, M/M, sex clubs, whips and paddles...  But also happy ending without being to sappy.  This was a great find!  Up next in the Long Shots series is Calling the Shots finally featuring more of the sexy owner of Maverick's, Josh and I can't wait to start reading it! 

Long Shots bundle available at Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble 

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