Friday, May 18, 2012

Random shenanigans

Well my first week blogging has been great fun!  Now that I'm getting some things figured out, it won't be as time consuming for the future.  That said, I NEED TO READ!  I haven't had much time to read this week.  That makes me sad panda.

But time for a weekly wrap-up.

  • I posted reviews from the Experiment in Terror series by Karina Halle.  If you can't tell from my gushing reviews, this has made it to my favorite series and I recommend everybody give it a try!  Darkhouse, book 1 in the series, is still free on Amazon.  Check it out!  The two lead characters are amazing and I can't wait to read about their future endeavors.  

  • Manday Monday...  Random facts about me? I LOVE TATTOOS!  Any future Manday Monday's are likely to contain yummy men with tattoos.  That's just how I roll.  

  • I stopped in the middle of  Changeless to read On Demon Wings which was released last Sunday.  My mind is blown after finishing it and I hope to get back into Changeless soon.  But stay tuned for my review of On Demon Wings. 

  • I won the Zombiefest Giveaway from addicted2heroines and got all my goodies in the mail.  I have so much to read now!  And a kick ass sticker to put on my car!  

  • I listen to music all the time and find myself gravitating to different stuff weekly. This weeks soundtrack was presented by the Deftones.   This band is always on rotation in my household.  This song, Knife Party, reminded me of a book I was just recently reading.  But then I saw the video and was properly creeped out.  Spooky.....  But I love Chino (the singer).  He may one day grace my Manday Monday with his Converse and all. ;)  I'm a Converse girl for life. 

But now I shall try to get some reading done.  Stay tuned for more info on the A Fall of Water Blog Tour that I will be participating in and reviews of all the books leading up to this. 

Thanks new followers and I can't wait to get to chat books with you! 

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