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The Blogging Dead w/ Cat and Emmy {S3E2: SICK}

What a crazy episode and we haven't even met the the Governor yet!  Scroll down for a Q&A with Scott Wilson via AMC.com and the weekly Blogging Dead with Cat and myself!

Q&A - Scott Wilson (Hershel Greene)

Veteran actor Scott Wilson, who plays Hershel Greene on AMC's The Walking Dead, explains how his beard helps shape the character and describes losing a limb on-screen.

Q: When you found out that Hershel was going to get bitten by a walker in the first episode, were you worried that was going to be it for him?

A: When Glen (Mazzara) told me they were going to chop my leg off, of course my first thought was, "Oh, there I go!" But just the opposite: He said he wanted someone with a disability and I understand that. It's also very interesting that Hershel was the first one to have survived a bite. The question I think for Hershel is whether he is going to become a liability for the group. Is he going to be able to carry his load?

Q: What kind of prosthetic did Greg Nicotero fashion for the scene?

A: They did a cast of my leg, Greg Nicotero and his group, and that's the leg you see a part of after they chop it off in Episode 1. It's a pretty brutal scene; I got some responses from people who were really taken aback by it!

Q: How do you think this disability will change the character -- and your portrayal of him?

A: He needs to show that he is combat ready and that he can contribute. His age and his life experience helps a bit. But I'm hoping right now that sometimes he'll have a prosthetic.

Check out the rest of this article at The Walking Dead at AMCTV.com.  I can't wait to see what this season has in store for Hershel!  Now that i think he might stick around a while longer. ;)

The Walking Dead ~ S3E2: SICK

Cat:  Um, wow. Plenty of "Oh shit!" moments, loads of action, tons of questions remaining...have I ever told you how much I love this show?

Emmy:  Me too Cat, me too! Constant "Oh shit!" moments and most of them involve Rick.  Wow.  He's so different now!

Cat:  A big part of this episode involved the survivors that we catch a glimpse of at the end of the premiere. I was assuming they had chosen the prison as a safe place to stay. Better than trying to go out and fight all of those walkers in the yard. So I was really surprised when they admitted to knowing next to nothing about what had been going on and that the hospitals, government and everything else had been overrun.

Emmy:  They were completely out of the loop!  I thought it was funny how they were trying to intimidate Rick and the gang.  I just snickered at that!  They definitely showed their naivete about what's happening.  I couldn't believe that one dude thought he could go far with one gun and no extra bullets.  

Cat:  Seriously, how lucky is this crew to have Rick? He was not backing down or giving up an inch of the space they had fought for. What did you think of the conversation between Lori and Rick where she was supporting his decision to kill the survivors?

Emmy:  I LOVED it when he smirked at her!  I'm thrilled he's looking at the bigger picture and taking the lead role seriously.  It's the whole group he has to protect and though I appreciate her telling him to do what he thinks is right with a clear conscience, I still don't think her opinion should matter.  Maybe she's changing and not so wishy washy but she still has a lot to prove.  What did you think?

Cat:  My first thought was that Rick didn't need her input and I wondered if he really even wanted it. But I couldn't help but to admire how quick she was to let him know that if anyone was a threat to the group then they needed to be taken care of. If you want to survive a zombie apocalypse, you can't be too soft, right? Then again, I guess it's easier to say it's okay to kill a living person when you're not the one actually doing it...

Favorite moment - The look on everyone's face when the prisoners didn't take the advice on head shots and went crazy trying to kill the walkers. And I loved when Rick said, "No more prison riot crap".

Emmy:  I know!  What were they thinking?  Wasting energy and resources.  Go for the straight, easy kill boys!  Rick and Co were giving great advice but those prison boys just didn't listen.  I'm so glad Rick didn't mess around with who I will refer to as "machete head" prisoner.  He can't show any weakness but it still shocked the hell out of me!

 Cat:  I have to admit that I jumped when Hershel reached up for Lori when she was trying to give him CPR. The sad thing is that I was even expecting it. Were you thinking he was going to try and chew her face off?

Emmy:  YES!!!  Or when Maggie was leaning over with her eyes closed to kiss him.  I really thought that was extremely stupid.  I had a lot of moments in tonight's episode where I would say to myself "What are they thinking?!"  Maybe I watch too many zombie movies but sheesh!  I wouldn't put my face that close to somebody possibly infected.

Cat:  No clue what's going on with the peeping tom in the woods and I can't imagine what he or she was thinking about Carol slicing up that walker.

Emmy:  I know!  Where are they going with that?  I want to know who it is!  Carol was great in this episode though.  Both helping Hershel and getting ready to help Lori and the baby.  I'm liking her more and more.

Cat:  What did you make of the last conversation between Rick and Lori? Seems like he made that impersonal comment at the end as a way to distance himself from her. Do you think they'll end up working things out before the season is over?

Emmy:  He is definitely distancing himself.  I really don't blame him.  But on the other hand, if Lori stops acting like Jekyl and Hyde, I do hope they can work things out.  Or at least be friends with benefits.  I want that for Rick. :O  Haha!  What do you think will happen?

Cat:  I'm guessing their relationship won't improve until after the baby comes, but I do think it will get better. Your friends with benefits comment made me laugh, because really, who else is he going to be getting it from? Carol? =)


I'm having too much fun chatting with Cat about The Walking Dead!  Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the show!  Check out Cat's blog for The Blogging Dead and other great posts!

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Check back next week for S3E3: Walk With Me.

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