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The Blogging Dead w/ Cat & Emmy {S3E5: Say The Word}

So the last couple of episodes of The Walking Dead have been a little crazy.  Hmmm.. Just a little?  Understatement!  Read below to see what Cat and I had to say about episode 5 from last Sunday, Say The Word.

Emmy:  Whoa Cat! Is the Governor just completely nuts or what?! What an intro into tonight's episode!  What did you think about the crazy hair brushing scene?

Cat:  I think that was the best opening scene so far this season. It was incredibly twisted and the chunk of scalp that came off was so disgusting. I loved it! I thought displaying floating zombie heads for his viewing pleasure was crazy, but keeping a decaying kid and placing bags over her head for "nap time" is truly insane.

Emily:  I completely agree.  But that's why I love this show so much.  I am continually surprised!

I still can't believe Rick lost it like he did last week. The killing spree wasn't a surprise but I was surprised by him throwing Glenn around.

Cat:  I think that scene showed just how far off the deep end Rick has gone. He has never been aggressive toward any of his own people (that I can remember) so yeah, attacking Glenn definitely proves that he's not all there.

Emmy:  Andrea annoys the hell out of me. She's kind of dumb to me. First, why the hell is she so trusting of the Governor and this new living arrangement? I can't understand that. She also harbors such resentment for being left behind. I'm honestly surprised it took Michonne that long to leave her ass. What's your impression of that whole scenario?

Cat:  I think Andrea is like a teenager with a crush right now and her feelings toward the Governor are clouding her judgement. But hey, I get it. Since she doesn't know all of his dirty little secrets yet, I can see why she would want to go after Woodbury's most eligible bachelor =) Her separation from Michonne didn't surprise me one bit. I can't wait to see what's going to happen with her in the next episode. I'm wondering if she'll come across Rick's team.

Emmy:  They definitely have the hots for each other.  She proved her independence though when she left after drinks when he was giving her bedroom eyes.  That was a plus in my book.  I'm all for zombie apocalypse nookie though.  She needs lovin' too!  I hope they keep up with Michonne's storyline though.  She's a tough cookie.  I hope there is some interaction soon between the two groups.  After Rick gets his shite together that is! ;)

 Oh my god Cat. The scene where Rick kills the zombie down in the basement looking for Lori! I never thought I would ever say "He ate Lori didn't he?" What in the world followed that? Why the heck did Rick stab the hell out of zombie dude's stomach? I can't fathom right now!

Cat:  That's one of the problems I had with the show. If bloated zombie ate Lori, where are her bones? And her clothes? But in the Talking Dead they made it sound like the zombie dragged her body around the corner or something and ate her there. That would explain the missing bones, I guess. I honestly thought for a second that Rick was going to try and cut her out of that guy's stomach so that he would have something to bury.

Emmy:  All very important questions.  I was just so startled by him stabbing the stomach.  I STILL don't understand what that is all about.  I missed the Talking Dead this week. :(

Daryl is one of my favorite characters besides Rick. It was adorable how he instigated the hunt for formula then swaddled the baby and fed her. What a sweetheart. I wonder if he will have to step up in Rick's absence? If that's what it is.

Cat:  Daryl has never seemed like the type who would want to be a leader, but I think he would if he had to. No way would he just let everything fall apart. But Rick and Daryl make such an awesome team. Rick just needs a good psychiatrist to help him through the grieving process. Wonder if they have one in Woodbury...

 Emmy:  I was grossed out by the zombie pit fight. Clever but barbaric. I thought Andrea was going to find some courage but no... We're left hanging.

Cat:  I liked that scene because it was a step toward Andrea figuring out that Woodbury isn't exactly what it seems. It's not convincing enough for her to run yet, but she will put it all together eventually.

Emmy:  I don't even know where to start with Carol. Why are they not looking for her? I don't understand!  I sure as hell hope they don't drag that out! I do want her to survive though.

Cat:  I don't understand that either. When have they ever considered someone dead without taking some time out to look for them first? Are those the kinds of decisions that are made in Rick's absence? Makes no sense. And when Carol comes back are we supposed to be surprised that she's alive when we never actually saw her die in the first place? I have to say that I do think a Carol zombie would be pretty awesome though. And Michonne does need a new pet now that hers are gone...

Emmy:  LMAO!  Poor Carol.

And the phone ring? What the hell?

Cat:  Apparently we would have to be up to date on the comic series to have an idea of what that's about. I'm very tempted to skim through the graphic novels on my shelf, but I may just let it be a surprise. I haven't decided yet.

Emmy:  Overall I'm left completely puzzled.

Cat:  Yep. I loved the episode, but some things just didn't add up. Maybe we'll have some answers on Sunday.


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Happy Sunday everyone!  The Walking Dead is on tonight, nothing will keep me away!

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