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Hot in Handcuffs Giveaway (INT) and Q&A with Tiffany Reisz

Handcuffs?  Did someone say handcuffs?  PERFECT!!!  And what better way to celebrate Hot in Handcuffs then to post a Q&A with one of my favorite erotica authors Tiffany Reisz!!!  Enter below for a chance to win an e-book of one of the Original Sinners books!

Thanks Tiffany for taking the time to answer a few questions!  I'm a big fan of your Original Sinners series and thought what's hotter than that for the Hot in Handcuffs Giveaway Hop.  So I have a few sexy questions to ask you!  I love reading erotica and think I've become more sexually aware since reading it.  The power of a coy smile or just walking around thinking dirty thoughts, I think it's liberating!  So without further ado...

The male characters you write about all vary drastically in their wardrobe choices but are all very appealing.  What is your personal favorite look for a man or article of clothing?  Same questions but for women?

My favorite look really depends on the person. My boyfriend looks amazing in jeans and a black shirt, sleeves rolled up with his leather bondge cuff bracelets on and his nerd glasses. Obviously, this would be a very weird look for Kingsley. I’m a firm believer heroes should have “uniforms.” Kingsley has his boots, Søren has his clerics, Nora has her red leather and red riding crops. The sexiest look on anyone—man or woman—is clothes that bring out who they are. I look fabulous in my pink sock monkey pjs, by the way.

Because I am all for adding sexy photos to my blog, who do you have in mind for your cast of characters?

Søren – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Kingsley — Gaspard Ulliel (he’d have to be older though to play The Siren-era Kingsley who is only a year younger than Søren)

Nora – Rachel Weisz

Wes – Jared Padelecki

Zach – Jason Isaacs

What behavior or mannerism do you find downright sexy in people?

Chivalry is sexy especially when a woman is chivalrous to another woman. Women can be so catty that when a woman defends another woman, it’s super sexy to me. I loved Jodie Foster’s public plea to stop the slut-shaming of Kristen Stewart over her fling with her director. I thought that was classy as hell and something Nora would do.

I'll be honest, walking in to a sex shop kind of intimidates me.  There are way too many choices!  What do you recommend for someone who want to try the kinkier things in life but doesn't know where to begin when given so many options?  Handcuffs?  Nipple clamps?  Straight to the spreader bar? 

Just fantasize about what you want to try and then get something basic that will help make your fantasy come to life. I hate being gagged so I’d never buy a gag. I love being cuffed so I own a pair of rope and leather cuffs. You don’t have to try everything and certainly not all at once. Start slow! You’re not trying to impress anybody. You only have to please yourself and your partner.

Even though there is porn aplenty and great erotica being written everyday, the subject of sex still seems so taboo. As a former seminary student, did you face much resistance when you made your decision to "pedal smut"? 

I never phrased it that way. I merely said, “I want to be a writer. I want to focus on my writing.” If/when people are shocked by what I write, then that’s their problem. God invented sex. It’s His best gift to mankind. The female orgasm is not necessary for procreation. It’s simply a grace. There’s nothing contradictory about writing about sex and loving good. I could just as easily have written about how awesome food is.

I read your article that details your night with a female Dom and found it fascinating.  How much research do you put into your novels for the lifestyles you write about and how much of it is personal experience?

I’m a lifestyle kinkster with lots of kinky friends. We talk floggers and spreader bars the way gearheads talk bikes and cars. I just listen when my kinky friends talk and then use their experiences and stories to spice up mine. I’ve done my fair share of BDSM with quite a few Doms and Dommes. I used to sleep with a sadist who had a whole lot of Søren in him. I miss that guy sometimes. ;)

Can you tell me what's so hot about M/M relationships?  No, really.  I'm clueless as to why I gravitate towards that in my reading now.  It couldn't have ANYTHING to do with thoughts of Kingley and Soren in my mind. ;)

Once upon a time I asked an old boyfriend why guys thought girl on girl action was so hot. He replied, “Because we agree with them both.” Same answer. Two hot men in a room? Go for it, Boys!

What 3 things are you passionate about?

My writing, my boyfriend, and sexual freedom for all.

If you were stuck in the Twilight Zone and had to repeat the same day over and over, what album, book and drink would you have everyday and where would you be?

Sounds like hell on Earth! But I suppose Hawaii would be nice with the Complete Works of Shakespeare, Beethoven’s Greatest Hits, and a nice martini.

Thanks you so much for letting me pick your brain!  

At least you didn’t pick my nose!

Side note:   I hope this wasn't too intrusive!  I was going to ask you about anal play but I chickened out. ;)

You don’t know me very well, do you? ;)

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