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The Blogging Dead w/ Cat and Emmy {S3E1: SEED}

So this is the very first installment of The Blogging Dead where Cat (from Addicted2Heroines) and myself chat about the current episode of The Walking Dead!


Emmy: Oh my god Cat that was amazing!!!

Cat: Yep, I agree, amazing! It was incredibly gory. I loved it! 

First off, how much time has passed?  Lori is huge!  Carl is a bad ass now.  Still so young but wow.  He's definitely helping out killing zombies.

I was a little confused by the time jump at first. I know Andrea mentioned making it through the winter, but with Lori getting ready to pop out her little zombie baby ;-) it seems that it has been somewhere around 8 or 9 months. Some of the characters look different, like Carl and Hershel, and others look exactly the same, like Glenn and Daryl. Oh, and I'm digging Rick's longer hair. 

 (Mmmm... Sexy)

I am amazed at how efficient they are now.  They all work so well as a team.  They don't mess around.

Maybe that's all thanks to Rick. Seems like he's keeping them going, pushing them, making the decisions. He was serious when he said it wasn't a democracy anymore =) 

I was seriously laughing though when Carol and Daryl were on top of that vehicle and he starts a mini massage.  Hahaha!  When she comments how romantic it is up there and does he want to mess around!  Then he says he's going down first and she says something like "good idea".  I was cracking up!

Ha! I thought it was kind of cute and it's nice to see her joking around a little and becoming more confident. She's less like the timid, insecure woman that she was in the beginning. 

Rick constantly surprises me.  He's always been cool and collected but his Alpha side is coming out strong! He's giving Lori the cold shoulder but I think she completely deserves his curt attention.

I was a little surprised by that. Didn't last season end with her brushing him off because of the ordeal with Shane? It seemed like she was the one pissed at him even though she didn't have the right to be. Or am I remembering that wrong? 

You're right. He admitted to killing Shane and she freaked out.  I didn't understand that at the time when it was her planting ideas in Rick's head about Shane only days before. Then when he finally acts on her suggestion, she's shocked about it. She's not a favorite of mine at all.

Maggie and Glenn are adorable. I'm happy to see Maggie going out on runs with the boys and kicking ass. Another part I thought was hilarious was her enthusiasm for killing the zombie guard with all the riot gear on. She's all "Did you see that?"  :D

I laughed so hard when they first tried fighting those guards! That was by far one of my favorite parts of the show! But yea, I'm glad that Maggie is kicking ass. The show needs more strong female characters and Andrea didn't really cut it for me. She was tough, but she wasn't likable the same way that Maggie is.  

I completely agree! Andrea is kind of harsh and abrasive. I always thought she was selfish and did things for herself instead of for the group.  I hope Maggie sticks around! You never know with this show.

Not much on the front for Andrea and Michonne but it makes me wonder what has happened in the time after S2 ended.  Michonne is a bad ass too!  I still love the ideas of zombie pets!  Such a unique plot idea.  It definitely helps with moving all their luggage though!

When Michonne and Andrea were heading out, my first thought was, "Doesn't the zombies slow her down?". How can she run if they are just shuffling along? And why does she have zombie pets anyway? Makes me think that they might be loved ones that she didn't want to let go...although that would be incredibly morbid keeping them that way if that were true.

Haha I thought that too about loved ones!  They must be good for something other than bag boys. We'll see!

Overall I LOVED IT!  Seriously, my favorite is Rick and Daryl though. Rick is all kinds of alphalicious now. When he stares at Lori right before they go out on that run.  He would intimidate the hell out of me!  It's super sexy though. And yet again when he just decides to chop of Hershel's leg.  That was quick thinking and crazy.

Do you think chopping off Hershel's leg will stop the infection? It would really suck to have to go through the pain of getting your leg chopped off and still turn into a walking corpse. The odd thing is that I was contemplating who would die this season and literally 5 seconds later Hershel gets a big bite taken out of his leg. I was thinking Beth or Carol would have been bitten first, so I was really surprised. 

I just don't know. I like Hershel. He's changed so much from his first appearance. But how does it work? They all have the virus in them but it doesn't activate til they die. I guess a bite will kill you but would hacking off a limb stop that? Hmmm... I just knew walking passed "dead" zombies would be a bad idea.  I would totally bludgeon anything I walked by to make sure its not coming back. Beth is totally expendable though. Even though Carl has a thing for her. He's way too young for any of that yet.  It'll be interesting to see who goes.

So I think it was a great set-up for the rest of the season.  I can't wait to see what happens with the living prisoners.  The previews for the rest of the season shows a new grave.  It can't be Hershel!  Well, of course it could but who else is going to deliver the possible zombie baby!?  I'm with Lori on that.  I would totally be freaked out wondering if my spawn would eat me from the inside out. :/

Seeing the other people in the prison was exciting! I don't think Rick has any plans of sharing his role as alpha, so I'm anxious to see where this goes. Hurry up Sunday!! 

So what did you think about this weeks episode?  Leave a comment!  Check back next week to see what Cat and I have to say about S3 Episode 2, Sick!

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